The new label for electronic music in Europe.

With decades of rave experience, we did design PWTD to offer artists a new home with a fair deal, strong campaign invest and state of the art technology.

  • Our global distribution partner The Orchard as well as our in-house digital and social campaign partners BUA Agency enable us to generate traction for our releases, fast.
  • We use tailor made software solutions and algorithms developed by our sister company code you love for campaign monitoring and artist updates.
  • Our experienced artist development team operates remotely from all over Europe with a collaborative space in the center of Hamburg’s Karo scene.

Join our club!

You just need a mobile to join and it's free, just text our bot! If you are an artist interested in a release: Just text 'release' and if you are interested in music and events: Just text 'i want to dance' to:



In 20 years of rave and hits we did sign/develop these artists:

Cheat Codes (US), Marten Hørger (DE), Paul Schulze (DE), Nicolas Julian (DE), Old Jim (IT), Joe Kox (IT), KIMMIC (UK), Cookin' On 3 Burners (AU), MADISM (NL), Raffa FL (IT), Luca-Dante Spadafora (DE), Wankelmut (DE), SM:LY (FR), One-T (FR), Trinix (FR), Robin Schulz (DE), Damien N Drix (FR), Timo Maas (DE), HUGEL (FR), Andhim (DE), Alle Farben (DE), Moonbootica (DE), ZHU (US), Oliver Huntemann (DE), Eats Everything (UK), Noir & Haze with Solomun (DE), Henri PFR (BE), Coldabank (UK), FUCKKK OFFF (DE), Laurent Garnier (FR), Robot Koch (DE), Bedouin Soundclash (CA), Monte (DE), BCBC (UK), Salvatore Ganacci (SWE), MOGUAI (DE), Julian Wassermann (DE), Synapson (FR), Karl Bartos (DE), AKA AKA (DE), ETNIK (DE)


As the electronic music community did always innovate in terms of technology, we are constantly developing, testing, implementing and serving the best new tools to our artists and their campaigns. Music will win with technology.


Custom campaign monitoring

We always wanted to see every detail of our track's campaigns resonating in real time. As there is not a single tool in the marketplace offering this to our demands, we did develop our own custom campaign monitoring. Including TikTok Posts, Views, Likes, Shares as well as global airplays and webplays. IN. REAL. TIME.


Spatial audio for the dancefloor

As every club and every warehouse has four corners and a roof, we strongly believe there will be a time in the future when we listen to a full night of 3D / Dolby Atmos sound while on the dancefloor. To further support this idea, we create Dolby Atmos releases with our partners at ThreeDee Music.


Ideas and tracks become NFTs

Indeed NFTs been a bit too much blown up recently, but we still love the idea, technology and possibilities for tokenized fan communities. So we mint sets of NFTs for innovative ideas on the Polygon chain. Always pushing creative concepts to further co-create new and exclusive fan experiences.